Survey, Inspection and Expediting Services


The inspections are carried out based on client and end user specifications applicable industrial standards, such as API, ASME, ASTM, CSA, EN, ISO, IEC, IEEE, NEMA.

Our inspectors are also familiar with common specifications used in Oil and Gas Industry such as NACE, NORSOK, Saudi Aramco specifications, ExxonMobil Global Practices, Shell DEP specifications.

Industrial inspections and expediting on behalf of worldwide inspection agencies and purchasers of machinery and equipment;

·                              Electrical equipment and machinery

    • Induction motors, low voltage and high voltage
    • Synchronous motors, high voltage
    • Electric propulsion motors, Azipods
    • Synchronous generators, high voltage and low voltage
    • Distribution transformers
    • VSD transformers
    • Frequency converters, low voltage and high voltage
    • Electric Switchgear
    • Cables
    • Substation power management systems
    • Marine control and steering systems

·              Machinery

    • Pumps and pump units
    • Compressors and compressor units, piston and screw
    • Conveyors
    • Crushers for mining industry
    • Diesel engines for marine industry
    • Z-drive propulsion units
    • Reducer gears for mining industry and marine applications
    • Water jet propulsion units
    • Diesel generating sets for power plants
    • Boilers, burner fired and exhaust gas boilers
    • Auxiliary machinery for diesel engines and engine rooms such as
      • Cooler units
      • Oil purifier units
      • Feeder booster units
      • Starting air receivers
      • Fire fighting equipment, hi-fog systems

·              Equipment for Oil and Gas Industry

    • Control valves, ball valves, butterfly valves
    • On-off valves, ball valves, butterfly valves
    • Emergency shut off valves
    • Pressure vessels
    • Piping
    • Instrumentation for above mentioned equipment

·              Ship and marine inspections

    • Condition surveys, pre-entry, pre-purchase
    • Cargo securing surveys, heavy cargo, special transports
    • inspections and investigations related to marine disasters, average, cargo damage, pollution
    • Welding inspections and supervision
    • Small craft, construction inspections

·              Materials and components

    • Propellers
    • Shafting for propulsion lines
    • Castings for machinery
    • Castings for valves
    • Steel and aluminium plating and profiles for shipbuilding industry
    • Steel material for pressure vessel applications
    • Steel forgings for machinery and transmission shafting
    • Gear wheels cylindrical, spiral bevel gears
    • Piping and flanges






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