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Inspections are normally required by clients to ensure that a product or equipment under construction at a factory is in compliance with their specifications and applicable standards.


A simple verification of factual construction, design and performance may not be enough.

The inspector needs to understand the technical aspects of the applicable design specifications and also evaluate whether the product or equipment actually fulfils all requirements.


It is often noted that some field inspection work is carried out as simple “verification” of tests or actions performed by a manufacturer.


Our inspectors normally go beyond this rather simplified general understanding of what should be provided when the client is requesting second and third party inspections.

Our target is to provide the client with as much information as possible in the form of narrative reports, records and photographs of any inspection assignment we carry out.

We deliver flash reports as requested immediately upon completed inspections and full reports normally within 24 hours of completed visit.


When requested by the client we attend kick-off meetings and pre-inspection meetings in order to assist the client to detect possible future problems any manufacturer may encounter in production, component and material selection or testing.


We have long experience of several manufacturers in Finland and in the Nordic countries. This helps us to predict future problems in production and testing which may result in non-conforming products. If detected at an early stage such problems can be avoided and the product, whatever it is, will be delivered on time and in compliance with client requirements.


The general problems in industry appear to be the long chain of communication between end user and manufacturer. We have noticed that many technical requirements are filtered along the chain and the manufacturer receives an internal company order which may differ considerably from end user specifications.

Making changes to a finished product is time consuming and expensive and in some cases impossible. Both seller and buyer lose time and money if the product is not delivered on time and if it does not comply with client requirements.

We offer our technical services to both sellers and buyers to identify such potential deviations before they are beyond the point of correction.


The success of expediting work is very much depending on how well the purchase order and specifications have been understood by vendors and sub-vendors.

The expeditor’s work is made easier if the need of corrective actions for non-conforming products or components is minimized from the start.

Expediting manufacturers, which mainly operate as assembly workshops of components provided by a large number of sub-suppliers, is difficult and in some cases almost impossible.

E.g. castings may be produced by foundries on the other side of the world. It may be impossible to press the delivery times of such sub-vendors. All these issues can also be highlighted at kick-off meetings. Critical components to be produced for the end product can be identified and put under special surveillance.






Due to our long experience in marine industry and shipyards we are able to provide support for new-building construction and installation work. We use our technical experience to advise and supervise various types of installation work in marine and offshore industry.

Our naval architects are on continuous basis working with shipyards and machinery suppliers to support and supervise construction, installation and commissioning work.

We are also able to assist in supervisions of ship repair.




We carry out surveys for insurance companies, owners, operators and charterers.

The ship surveys we carry out may be related to grounding, flooding, oil pollution, cargo damage, technical failures of essential systems.

Our scope of work normally includes the onboard inspections including review of available system specifications and drawings, testing of systems to search for cause of failure.

We are also involved in monitoring the repair activities to protect owner’s and insurer’s interests with regard to repair costs and loss of hire. 


We also carry out pre-purchase and pre-entry condition surveys of ships.







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